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First thing is first, so let us set them in the right direction and get our minds on it. Most of the fashion and beauty related mistakes are made because of  ladies not knowing their skin tones and the products to go with. Realizing the important of playing around, so, is completely gone. South Asians (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) have brown skin color. We Pakistanis do not usually have dark brown color but mostly are on the lighter side compared to our other SA counterparts, more of a wheat-ish color.

Now coming on to choosing the right kind of products for ourselves is an important task. Never ever go with what others are using, what celebs are putting on because, well, they are not you! Leave behind the 'what-that-other-girl-wore-and-looked-awesome-so-i-should-too' syndrome. Remember that it is not necessary for a product to work out for you only because it did on someone else, if she looked pretty it was because she choose the right products for her!

We are mostly carried away from westerners. We want a fair skin and so we put on everything that will take us there. That chicas is a huge mistake! Embrace what you have and build on that. From your lipstick to your foundations and from your eye-makeup to your hair color, it is important if you are looking for a effortless-glow, that your choices compliments your skin tone and enhances it.

And to help you with all this, I will soon be bringing you general guidelines that may help you in the process of making a beautiful, confident you! =)

Keep checking for the updates and believe in your self!
Till then keep Dazzlin' <3

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