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 How about we talked a little about this lip-gloss collection? Summer are a good time to wear a little bit of drama on your lips rather than putting it on your eye given the heat and everything. And when you have to wear something quite a bit why not have it as a collection? :D

So the collection in question today is this Lip-gloss Shimmer Collection by elf! IT comes in six different shades.
In the description part the collection says, "Wet, glass like shine and beautiful, sheer, wearable color"

This is one safe and gentle formula, as stated. It also says, "instantly beautiful, healthy looking lips designed, formulated and tested by our professional team of makeup artists".

As the picture shows, it comes in six lovely colors. From beige to brown to pink. All in one! :D Starting from the left to right. First is 'Fairy-tale' the light skin-tone beige-y color. Next comes along 'Dreams', this one is such an earthy color, i absolutely love it. Next is 'Mirage', this one a little more to the light browny shade of things. Then comes along 'Illusion', this one on more earthy-pinky shade. 'Fantasy' is next in line. A very pretty brown color. Last but not the least is 'Fierce', this one is more of a peachy color.

Honestly, fierce is my favorite of the whole collection because of how it is vibrant yet earthy. I know how stupid do i sound =p And all of these smell like sort of candy =p haha truly! Though i would have loved if there was a little more product in these tiny tubes (they look larger in picture than they actually are!) but then i see the price and am okay that of actually buying a single product that may really cost more than this i get six different colors. =)

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