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Hola Chicas! So i thought how 'bout i share the current shampoo i am using. I have long straight silky black hair, i know sounds glam =D (trust me they are :D)

I have only used this twice and this is my first bottle of this brand. Honestly i have never ever heard of it before, my dad actually pointed it out =p (he loves long hair, cheesy i know this too, but this part of the world dads' are like that!). He saw 'shine' written over it and went like "you wanted a new bottle of shampoo, i found one" and being the good girl that i am i was like "yeah :)" (i am not telling you what i thought in my head =p erm) but here it is!

Alberto V05

This is 'Alberto V05' Balancing Shampoo in Normal. First when i saw this i thought this was one for male but the picture and no pack-mention convinced me that i can use it on my lovely hair. 

The product claims: 
  • It's has 'shine enhancing nutrients'
  • Gentle, Balanced cleansing
  • with vitamins C & E
  • Experience the health and vitality of pro-vitamin nutrient enriched formula for beautiful hair
  • Exclusive 5 pro-vitamin maximizes body and shine
  • Keeps color treated hair looking great

It's very watery.
Though i have only used it twice, it has worked for me fine. It is the product you would use everyday without fears of hair damage, i use if for my lazy days when i don't want to run the whole hair-care routine. I also combined it with my in-use conditioner of another brand. However, i do not like how the product's consistency   is too liquid, i like my shampoos to be a little think and lotion-y. This is not really a moisturizer so points taken out for that too. Also i had to take quite a little more product than i usually do on my head to make a good foam out of it :( So for me the product is medium rated.

For lazy day shampooing i say it's a good product as it does what it says but for the hair care junkies i'd say i'd reach out for my other products and this won't be my first choice!

What are your lazy-day shampoo choices? Do tell! :)

See you next time, till then keep fancying!

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  1. great review! xx

  2. Hey, cute blog :)

    I found you through the BBU Blog hop xx

  3. I haven't tried this shampoo before but it sounds nice!

  4. I tend to use quite a few different shmpoos depending on what my hair is like at the time :)

    Tanesha x


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