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With the whole world fancying the online shopping extravagance it is no surprise that Pakistan too is experiencing a love for it. The comfort online shopping brings to the customers, brands of all sorts have clinched to it dedicating teams so as to boost their PR, marketing and sales. 
Websites are not only easier for people to look up a product of their choice while siting on their couches sipping their favorite coffee and having their wish-lists just a few clicks away, it has revolutionized businesses as we speak. Companies get  a very handy 'what's selling' perspective. From boasting sales to knowing what products are demanded most to having one-on-one interaction with the customers web-portals are doing it all. 
And honestly, being on the 'customer' side of things i love how i don't have to walk down the shop to know what's new and if the product is in stock, or even just to know the prices of few so i can make an aim to collect and save that amount so the next time around i can purchase those hefty's ;) =p
So to cut to the chase, i will be doing alot of website reviews of Pakistani brands and also international ones (the one's which ship to Pakistan) to make your experiences better =)

The website under the spotlight today is: AlKaram 

Main page
This is the main page. It has these four image-links showing the four different sectors. Catalogue, Corporate, Alkaram studio online store and Products.

Catalogue currently has three collections, namely: Summer Fest Collection 2012, Spring/Summer Collection 2012 Vol-2 and Umer Sayeed Designer Collection 2012.
Corporate takes you to well, the 'about us' page. 
AlKaram studio online store is actually the page where you want to land! 

Here you will find a few collections and view on the ones you like. As shown in the picture below. On the standard page 6 images appear showing the collection, which you can adjust. Also you can sort them by 'Availability', 'Relevance' and Price in ascending or descending orders, as you like.

View the products page.
Product Detail and Order Page.

Found something you like? Just click on view details and this is the page that you will land onto. It shows the product details (obviously haha!), price and the delivery time. It is from here that you can order.

Products page is more of a 'we make this and this page' mostly to make you know about the spectrum of products they work in.

My Take: Overall i am happy to say the least that they have a website, as not a lot of Pakistani brands do. They have worked on the site so it's a good start. They have tried to make it up to the standards no doubt. I like the product detail page as they do tell the materials and the amount of material used. I like how they have a coupon code option on their checkout page. And also you can register with them and have 'mu trolley' thingy going-on, how international-ish.
Though i would definitely want them to add a lot more of their products for online selling. And also to hire a better photographer! Not that the current one ain't good, but i'd like to see more 'product' photography' than the models =) Also they should update the site more often. I would also love to shop some 'home textile' products online too, so maybe add some?
Be alot more customer-oriented and engage them plus have discounts and other promotional activities going-on and they are all good to go!

(And wait a minute, i didn't find a store locator, why? :s)

Hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned as lot more are coming your way! =)
Till then stay fancying and keep on Dazzlin' 

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