Happy Birthday to ... ME! :P


So you have all guessed it by the title that it is my birthday today! And i know many of you are thinking 'what the hell?! Why? Is she mad?!' But hey hey hey! It is my birthday and i just wanna write about it! :D I am all so excited to what this day has in store for me and more ahead the whole year!
Today i turn 20! :D
I am SO happy but at the same time i am equally sad to say good-bye to all those care-free, full-of-fun teen years! My mother goes on even before wishing me happy birthday, 'Girl, now grow up and be mature!'.  Hate-ness to maturity but that is the fact, sadly. I hope all the upcoming years are going to be filled with all happiness and fun and balance too (so mommy's happy too :p but moreover i don't wannabe scolded as often as i am! :p)
20's also now mean more freedom! :D - just looking on the brighter side of things so that i do not feel too old!
So far so good for all the good things are flowing in, from wishes to presents to party-plans and even first rain for the season! :D

Hope you all stay with me as i journey through my life! Thank you and lots of love! :)x

Good Bye TEENS

Hello 20! :D

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