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Do we all not love to paint our nails in all those crazy ways that we do?! :) And so to add on to my crazy-ness i bought one more nail paint as i am working hard for making a collection! (yaaay for that! :D) 

Before i knew it was Independence day and with Ramadan and Eid, it was all about green! So as soon as i saw a Color Studio Professional booth while strolling around shopping in the mall the next thing i knew i was swatching all those pretty nail polishes!

Tried 5 different varnishes!

But obviously when it is your mum out on a shopping trip with you as i said earlier too you just can not buy all that you want! Only a few times that is a good thing! :p But hey i did buy something! :D (and i love you mom! <3)

How cute is the bag! :) :p

Color that i bought!
I love this color! And i wore it on the Independence day plus on Chaand Raat! :D
Share your favorite nailpaints at the moment! I might pick one or two :)

Hope you all enjoyed Eid! Happy Festivities! Keep Fancying! :) 
A Girls Fancies x

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