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It is always necessary to wipe away all the makeup off one's face so as to keep those pores not make your skin go disastrous on ourselves! We all love to put up makeup so lovingly but when it comes to washing that all away we go lazy and have all the excuses in hand. But know that it can be dangerous for a beauty lover! (yup you read it right! DANGEROUS! You do not want your all so lovely skin to burst!)

So to make this step not-so-grueling for us the skin-care wipes have been on the scene for quite long and brands keep on adding to 'em! Today the ones under the light are: Essence 'my skin' refreshing cleansing wipes! 

The one that i picked up is in 'lime and cucumber'. The thing i love the most is that these are alcohol free and for all skin types! 

It says 'effectively removes dirt and waterproof make-up skin refreshing and clarifying moisturizing'. And after the usage i can see that it definitely does what is says, so a thumbs up for this! :D

The lime and cumber are ever so refreshing and even it says on the product:

  • lime extract refreshes and refines pores
  • cucumber extract intensively moisturizes

 Skin care that you can see, feel and smell!

Beautiful, clean skin in no time! These convenient cleansing wipes effectively remove dirt and waterproof make-up. The precious active ingredients, enriched with lime and cucumber provide skin with moisture and leave an amazingly refreshed and clarified skin. The gentle alcohol free lotion is perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes. Nothing could be easier or more practical! To top it off: The energizing fresh smell makes it all the more fun!

Directions given:
  • use morning and evening, gently wipe over face, eyes and neck until all the makeup residue is removed. No need to rinse with water. Reseal sachet after use. Ideal for on the go.
  • After your cleansing routine, use refreshing toner and one of the creams.
Personally i am in love with these =) They are super affordable and with them it's a peace of mind :)
The pack comes with a total of 25 wipes and are priced at PKR 250. I purchased it from a shop at Madani Mall at Hyderi, North Nazimabad.

Hope you enjoyed and do let me know what you think! :) More is on it's way! :)
Till next time keep fancying! :D

A Girls Fancies xo

Note: The part written in Italic is from the packaging and not my own words.

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  1. I've just bought them yesterday ! And i'm already in love with this wipes :D


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