Eid = Henna Love


Hola Chicas!

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to you all. May this be a blessed and safe one for you all and may you all be blessed :) Today I start this post with prayers to you all!
With all the meaty pleasures that this Eid brings, we fashion fanatics only get another excuse to delve in our guilty pleasures ;) More clothes, shopping, bling-blings and matching matchings (Coming soon in other posts :)). But with all these comes along Mehendi :D (or Henna, as known otherwise). Today's post is all about it.
So today I treat you with Henna :D

Here is a little step-by-step kinda version.

Oh and may I mention, Henna designing is an art as any other. Yes, not everyone can do it but I tried :) This was the result haha. Hope you like it :D It was my second attempt ever :D (First was this year's Eid-ul-Fitr :D)

So did any one of you ever delved into Henna designing? Or ever tried it?
If yes, I would love to know your experiences and maybe you could share your pictures too (twitter, instagram, facebook?)

Till next time enjoy the festivities! :)
A Girls Fancies.

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  1. I have never tried but I should :) and I like the design, I would wear even the one of the second photo, with hennah only in the fingers :P

    1. Haha thankyou :)
      I love it too!! I know, i kinda wanted to leave it there but wiuld have been weird :p gonna try that too sometime! :D
      Glad you liked it.


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