EoTD: Bare to Fall


Hola chicas! Here I am yet again xD
Well I was bored and I was a little fall crazy, so I tried a little something something. Actually I played a little with a palette which has been sitting on my vanity. It has got a bit of shimmer in it and so i didn't quite fondled over. But today I did.
So here we go :)
(Sorry for the picture quality, I wish I could put better but I am working on learning how to take 'em :) not a pro just yet!)

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  1. Very nice eye makeup; perfect for everyday :)

    I found your blog through Blog Love Therapy Blog hop and followed :) If you want, please check out my blog as well.


    1. Thankyou Cristina :)
      Followed you back!

  2. This looks lovely!

    Thanks for sending me your link via the #bbloggers chat.
    Rebecca x

    1. Thank you! :)
      Glad you took a look :)

  3. this colour looks gorgeous :) love it xx


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