Haul: Bags, Lipsticks, Jeggings and Random


Hello loves,
 As promised I am back and that too with a haul! On Saturday I went shopping and I am drooling over everything I bought! So, without further ado, let's see what is sitting pretty to be used in my closet!

I am shivering writing this post out of sheer excitement. And let me tell you, I bought these items in a hurry, only one tiny hour! Yes, that does mean I had to leave behind a fw things I liked but also that another shopping trip is coming up! Haha.
This time round, I got my wallet empty for:
  • Lipsticks - Got these two lipsticks from The House of Etude. One is an absolute gorgeous red and other a bright pink!
  • Cotton Wipes - Well, these are absolute necessity! Nothing ultra-funky about them but were an absolute bargain! I got the ones by 'Fay' and comes 80 in a pack. Will sure last long! 
  • Mirror - 'cause it was CUTE! xD
  • Jeggings - I have been searching for a good pair of jeggings for some time and finally got my hands on these babies in black!
  • Bags - OH. MY. GOD! ( Let me breathe!) I LOVE these bags! As soon as I spotted them I knew I wanted these no matter what! And that too at such a bargain I tell you. I have wanted a quilted bag for long but let's face it they are pricey. This pink-quilted bag just did it for me and I went bonkers just as I saw them hidden behind very many bags, haha. And also, hidden quite well was this cream-green satchel bag. It is truly to die for! 
Okay, I'll stop now! This post seems to be going about my bag-purchases only, haha. But yes, I am most excited 'bout them. I did buy a few more things but I will not be talking about them, not yet at-least, as they are presents for two of my lovely friends!

What do you think about my purchases? x

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  1. The Bags are nice!!!

  2. From where u bought etude house lipsticks etude house avl in pak ? I usually order from korea thats why askin x

    1. I bought 'em from Pakistan only. They are available in local stores! :)x

  3. i love the bags! <3

    im following from the #bbloggers blog hop :)


  4. i love the bag with the blue accents! so pretty!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. Those bags are so cute and colorful, I like the one with the blue trimmings a lot!


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