House of Etude Aqua Rouge in T015


Hello loves,
Just as we think of saying goodbye to winters, my heart says just one more day! I know most of you in the UK don't feel the same, sorry for that! But I have a reason. A very good one. One of the favorites of any beauty addict for winters is a good red lipstick. So why do I stay behind? The lipstick in question today is House of Etude Aqua rouge  in T015. Be it any party or else, a red lipstick just brightens the day and mood. I went to the extent of actually wearing it at home and roaming around. I know it's height!

T015 is a matte finish more towards a maroon-ish-brown tinge shade. I have to say that it is a bit drying and so putting it on my already dry lips, I have to use lip-conditioner so as to make it wearable without it cracking. It stays on for a good amount of time but you definitely have to touch it up time to time for a day to night wear. And for it being a dangerous red lipstick, lining is absolute key where I very honestly do falter!
I bought it from a local store. It is easily available and only costs Rs/=300.
Red - with brown tinge.
Swatch - With flash light

How do you like it? :)

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  1. Thanks Sana! So glad you like my header ^^ Yes it´s a very nice nude shade:) Great that you found me through bloghop, I love that thing!

    I think it looks like a lovely shade, and I´m a sucker for matte finish^^ I also totally LOVE Etude House.. Too bad it´s not available in Norway :/

    1. You are welcome! =) I love it too! xD
      Haha thaaank youu! :) Aww, that's too bad. But you got many other brands available that we, here, absolutely die for!

  2. love this shade! following you now (: follow back?

    xx S.


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