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 Hello there!
A few days back I shopped again ^_^, but only two products am I going to share, rest were gifts!

Undressed Palette - Make Up Academy

The first product purchase was made when I finally gave in to craving for a new basics palette, I have been wanting for ages. This product is almost talked about in every other beauty blog and by beauty gurus too. Also, it is said to be the perfect dupe of  the very famous Naked Palette by Urban Decay. None other than the MakeUp Academy's (MUA) 'Undressed' palette.  I am extremely excited to use it (though it's been sitting on my desk for a week, untouched just to be photographed first!). I bought the palette from This was Rs/=700.
Eyelash Curler - Yilia

I went ahead and bought an eyelash curler too. I have never before owned an eyelash curler but really wanted to try one and so I purchased this drugstore curler. I couldn't wait on this one to be photographed, so I used it a couple of times and I have to say that I absolutely love it! It only cost me Rs/= 90. AND it's pink! xD
It is PINK! :D

Have you bought anything recently?

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  1. Just come across your lovely blog! I swear by my MUA palettes, so good :) xx


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