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Hello loves,
In this horrid weather, we ought to minimize all that we apply on ourselves. I am no different. Even right now while writing this post I am dripping oil to say the least. The thought of playing with make up scares me. But there is one thing that I do love to don-on from time to time this summer and that's my lip combination. So I thought I would share it with you.
Those of you following me on Instagram and Twitter must have already seen a sneak-peak of it. 
Leaning towards peach, nude, coral and oranges this summer I have combined a nude lipstick with orange gloss. Although in the picture the lipstick looks totally orange. 
The lipstick is from brand 'Karaja'  EG-2 Matte in shade no. 61. It is a nude colour with more of a peachy-pink undertone to it. I would say it is a 'tea-pink'. This matte finish lipstick makes the gloss holds more properly and blends very well with the gloss.
I top on it a sheer lip gloss with orange crystals in it. I picked up this gloss from Chase and is a Chinese brand, I believe, called XUEYINZI in Orange. It claims to be natural organic fruit lip-gloss, which it does feel like on the lips. 
These two aren't ideal to combine, but when worn together, these work perfectly and I have been loving and wearing it for past two months now.


 I say it's a magic colour! I have also combined the very lipstick with my pink lip-gloss and it makes it look like a radiant beautiful pink but choose to wear it with orange because I feel I wear pink all year around maybe a little too much and this combination looks effortless and beautiful against my all-the-more tanned skin.

What lip combination have you been rocking this summer?

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  1. im loving peachy pinks these days :)

  2. I've been combining Rimmel's Apocalips in Luna with Rimmels Lipstick Coral in gold to make a gentle, but peachy summer lip. xx

  3. I need to combine all my lip colors one way or another:)


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