Update Entry: Hey June!


Hello there.
Remember me? I hope so.  Otherwise, well let's meet again! I am back after month long break that was filled with grueling study sessions and nightmares of failing in my semester finals! It's been though to say the least. And so I am truly sorry for being MIA. But hey, here I am, writing my heart out. No, not in that way.
I honestly can't believe it's June already. It's almost coming close to a week that I gave my final exam and took some break cleaning my room from all the mess of books and sorting summer clothes. And now, blogging it is!
These vacations though are full of work for me as I am re-doing my room. I have been designing and making blue-prints where all my time was being devoted. I am so excited to just live in the renewed space! If you'd like to see a before and after, I am planning to squeeze in a post. :D The shopping phase starts this Friday. *fingers crossed*
I have been planning for quite a few changes on my blog too, but nothing is really blowing me away (for the layout) and the few things that are, well, I have no idea on how to do them, oops, so I am geeking it up on google! Haha, one place to be.
As for the blog content, I have been trying a few products this past month so gear up for lots of exciting new posts! Wohoo.
Also, June is the month AGirlsFancies was born. Last year that was which means it's first anniversary fast approaching! OMG! I can't believe this.
So in short, A Girls Fancies is back on track and we'll see more of each other! =)

A Girls Fancies <3

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