Atiqa Odho Blush in Pink Pigeon


Hello there! 
I received this blush in the last Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community Secret Swap activity, about which you can read here. I have been dipping my blush brush in this product for far too long and thought it was time for a review.
I have not tried any products from the brand 'Atiqa Odho', by the celebrity of the same name. So naturally, very excited I have used it alternatively when I have light blush flush on my cheeks. 

Shade: Pink Pigeon
(Sorry for the quality, I had to distort the light so the label was clearer). 

Let's start with the first thing ad that is packaging. I am not a fan of it. By looking at it I will not pick it up. I do like how it is very compact and will fit in the corner of a clutch-bag when I am out. But it is the quality of the 'box' the product comes in. A weird thing to be put off by, I would have liked a better material for it and also some sort of plastic maybe in the cut out area of the packaging. Maybe I am being too picky-choosy and mean but again that's how I would have preferred it, if you can relate.

The pot is small, I like it. It opens from two sides. The top has the product and down lid has a mirror attached to it (very handy!) and a section to hold a tiny brush. This is where I had it. Loved the whole idea and was impressed! But to my utter despair and shock, the brush was missing! Fail. Nothing more to say.

Talking of the actual product itself, as you can see in the picture, the blush is light dusty-pink colored. It is perfect to add a little color on your skin without being too over the top. It can be built-up according to one's liking. Under this light pink dust is a strong color though.

I find that the product stays on for quite a long time and is nicely pigmented. On my skin it does not at all feel too powdery and so I reach it often in the summer time. Also during the course of hours it does not tend to fade away unevenly which is always a good thing. However, that might not be the case with everyone given the difference of skin types. I will suggest a stroke of mattefying powder over just in case, then.

Surely the product in itself has delivered above my expectations of it and I am quite happy to have it in my stash. The packaging can be worked on and improved and the brush? Well, include it when you mention so (extremely disappointed!)!

Have you ever tried any product from the line?

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  1. The color is really beautiful <3

  2. Glad it worked for you despite the poor packaging and the missing brush

  3. Nice color also a good thing that it doesn't fade off quick

  4. Sounds like a lovely product, despite the packaging :) I'm not sure we get them here in the UK - will keep my eyes peeled though :)

    (new follower here by the way, found you from sending your link to me during the #bbloggers chat tonight) :)

    Makeup Pixi3

  5. i wish they were available online

  6. never tried atiqa odho's makeup ever... it looks nice though

  7. I’ve been lusting after this for ages, ever since I saw it in a magazine. Sounds great from your review. Might have to go get it now! Xx

  8. I agree that the packaging isn't that good, but at least you were happy with the product which is the most important think! :)

  9. The color is so nice but the packaging is a let down!

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    Red Alice

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  12. Hey Girl! I just started my blog and i would really appreciate if you could show some love by visiting and joining my blog ;)

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