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Hello there.
Today we have a very first empties over A Girls Fancies. Yaaay! Feels proud to actually have used all products. Haha, well, used and saved bottles of. I have always loved watching such videos on Youtube and reading posts by some of my very favorite bloggers.
These products are mostly skincare, spritz kind, none makeup. A few of those are coming to an end soon though so might be included in the next empties!
Products I have used up are:

  • Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner: Honestly I am someone who doesn't need a lot of conditioning. I am blessed in that area, really. So a little goes a long long way and just about any conditioner works like a charm! 
  • SEN Liquid Hand-wash in Dewberry: A little 'eh' on this one. Love the scent, absolutely, but feels sticky at times. Oh and that feeling like you are going to drop something out of your hands? Yeah that too!
  • Vaseline Aloe Fresh Protection Spray: Good on skin and really does feels fresh! Perfect for everyday use.
  • Dancing Waters Body Splash: This has been my go-top product for summers as I don't like to wear heavy scents everyday.
  • Johnson's Body Care 24-hour Moisture Extra Rich Body Wash: Extremely Rich as the product says, slap it on and you will feel like a baby!
  • Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer: Oil free had me going about this product. I do like it but I am not so sure what it did for blemishes, eh. 
  • Mistine White Spa Whitening Facial Foam: (Full review coming soon!) 
  • ModGirl Nail Polish Remover: Well it's just like your regular nail polish remover. I have gone over bottles of this product over the years!
These are all the products I have been putting on my skin and hair along with others which are yet to hit pans! Some I shall buy again as for others I'd like to venture out into different products available on the market I have been reading and gasping about for quite a while now. So be sure to keep checking back what I next haul! 
If you would like me to review any other mentioned product, do let me know!
As for now I shall go and prepare lists of everything I need to replace these for ;)

Ramadan Kareem to all of you! Happy fasting and remember me in your prayers! =D

What have you been using and loving recently?

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  1. Love these posts! Youre soo lucky you dont need comditioner, my hair meeds all the hydration in the world!

  2. I always through away my bottles, now im gonna keep them for the posts! lol


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