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A while aback I was contacted by the FoodPanda team to see if I was interested in experiencing the modern way of food delivery. Being a big food lover how could I have ever said no? For those of you who do not know what FoodPanda is all about, it is a one-stop marketplace for all your food cravings. FoodPanda is where you can find a rather huge list of restaurants near or afar which will deliver at your doorstep. It is an online portal made of good food dreams. FoodPanda is affiliated with hundreds of restaurants and is available in around 40 countries worldwide.

The process of ordering food with FoodPanda, I found is extremely easy but comprehensive which makes me believe that the money spent isn't a waste. All that was required was the city and area that you live in and hit search. The data-log enlists all the eateries which will deliver you food. 

As soon as I was done choosing what food I was craving (my area got me a whopping 54 places to choose from talk about food choices), I opened the restaurant tab to place my order. What I found great was how with each restaurant the delivery time and minimum amount to order was mentioned so that there was no hassle later. I chose to order pizza from 14th Street Pizza Co. and could have waited 50 min for it to arrive. The ordering process went extremely smoothly. I loved how when I added pizza to my cart it opened a new window where I could customize it just the way I wanted and it wasn't only one-for-all thing. 

You will have to create your account on the site though and let me tell how how important this is. All the verification will be extremely easy and you will receive an e-mail as soon as you place and verify your order. As soon as I placed my order I was sent a code on my cellphone to enter so that the order could be processed. This is an extremely important step due to the availability of paying online.  IF the verification code does not go through, your order will not be placed and FoodPanda sends and e-mail right away. FoodPanda also gives the option of Cash-on-Delivery, though. 

In the e-mail came the full receipt along with all order details and order-time and in reality came my order. Hot and freshly made. I was in heaven. Thanks to the sheer size of the pizza itself I asked my family to join in on the experience with me and also so any of my pizza-biasness could be dealt with. Needless to say everyone loved it. 

There was, however, a tiny glitch in the system which made my order processed late and took more than two solid hours to it to reach me. The customer-care guy was extremely sweet and told me he'll personally see to it that my order gets delivered to me as soon as possible and he did. Around 20 minutes after I had my order with me. Was I exasperated at this? Oh God, yes! But will I buckle-up the courage at my ever-growing temptation to order again? Yes. The options and knowledge of an internet-safe way of ordering food to my doorstep deserves me ignoring the glitch.   

FoodPanda has various deals running time and round. To stay updated with them all sign-up to their newsletter or any of their social media. You can also download the FoodPanda app on your iPhone or droid phone.

Have you ever tried FoodPanda or plan on to? Do share your experience!
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