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Beauty Party Haul.

It has been so long that I posted or even did some haul, so I thought it was time to take a bite and loose a bit of cash from my wallet and so I did. I had a welcome event for Freshies at my university coming up and needed to buy a few items for the party. I designed a full black gown and paired it with some pops of red in my makeup. So, here is a bit of red in my haul. Here is the breakdown:

Glamorous Face USA Perfect Natural Face Powder:
The face powder was the main reason of my trip as my previous one had hit pan and even it's tiny crumbs were near to none. I have used TV stick from this brand before and so knew it was good enough to be a good bet. The powder itself feels like silk when I run my finger through it. It has SPF 35 which is such a requirement for me in these hot summery days. I chose the shade 04 to provide me with good coverage and has UV oil free foundation. Available at any local beauty supply shops.

Chanel in #12:
I strutted off to another shop in a local mall that I often visit thanks to the variety they constantly try to hit my up with. In particular, I went there to look for a good nail shade of red that I wanted. Though I didn't exactly find that, I was very generously shown and was made to buy this piece. And boy did I fell in love! This, however, doesn't retail here in Pakistan and was exclusive in that shop for a very limited time and amount. So, for availability, you will have to resort to traditional ways of ordering through FB pages etc.

Botanics Long-Lasting Lip Gloss in 23:
I wasn't so keen on buying this. It felt cheap and a product that I wouldn't reach into quite a lot. But, make no mistake, this simple-looking product blew me away! The long-lasting bit is no joke nor is the color payoff. Amazing! It is more like the very famous Rimmel's Appocalips (remember those?). I put this underneath the Chanel gloss in the party and where the gloss had to be re-applied a few time during the whole day, this thing did not bulge, at all. I am soon to rave about this product. Keep your eyes peeled.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch:
Remember Baby Lips? Remember the craze? Well, here I am enlisting my name among those. BabyLips are moisturising lip balms with a hint of colour and are available in various colors, loved by too many. This was only PKR 350 and are available everywhere. Or at just4girls if you want to buy online.

Silly 18 Nail Polish in 67:
Shopping for a perfect red is such a hard job. I wanted a specific red. The one which had blue undertones and would compliment my skin. I had already shopped the perfect red lip color, and wanted both shades to match. There were dark reds, yellow reds, shimmer hot pinks being called reds but the blue-toned-cool-red would be missing. I finally settled on the nearest shade after smearing my hand full of blood, well seemed like it. This picture doesn't do the colour justice, I'd say. I love it.

What are some of your latest beauty indulgences? 
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  1. Lovely haul I must say. And I am ALSO a babylips fan xD The balm you picked in pink punch , have you tried it yet? Do try it's amazing :D

  2. i have the same shade of babylips, it's so cute & easy!

    danielle | avec danielle


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