Capri Soap - *PR Sample

2 new Aloe-Nurture Moisturizing bars

Contents of Goody Bag

One fine day, a parcel reached my doorstep. You know those when you wake up and you have a mail waiting for you and you do that little dance of joy? I am sure you all have experienced that sheer excitement. What did it contain? Capri's latest Aloe-Nurture moisturizing soaps!

This all natural soap ensures that no chemicals go onto your skin and only organic ingredients are in play. This moisturizing bar has honey and milk protein in it which helps make you skin silky smooth. I have to say, it really does feel like silky smooth due to the milk proteins in it as it claims, so 10 points for that! Also, what I love about this soap is the smell of it. Before I actually started using it, it was sitting under my desk for a while (after I had pictured it, so one was open), my room smelled amazing. Every time I sat on my laptop or for studying, it refreshed me with the smell of honey in it.

We constantly are using many chemical products on ourselves, quite a few times daily on our skin, so it is a welcome to add something natural in the routine. Capri is focusing with this new launch on the natural beauty factor and really who wouldn't like to be just that? Though personally I do not use soap on my face, so I did not venture into that but did use it on my hands and body to see how it performs. But I think it is  worth trying out for those of you who do so.

The package was just too beautifully wrapped (see pictures on my Instagram)  and also included apart from two soap bar a beautiful soap box, a pack of 10 tealight candles and a SweetTouch nail polish in Yellow.

This product is available in the market at PKR 42.00 plus GST with a net weight of 115g. Here is to confidence of our natural beauty!

Have you tried this product or any other from Capri? Do let me know how you found it to be?

*The product was a PR Sample and part of a care package but in no way did influence the review and is only the honest review of the product. Read full disclosure. 

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  1. Hey Sana,
    I can imagine your excitement at the wonderful goodie basket :-) Loved reading your views about this one and will be sharing mine on the blog as well. It did make my skin smooth & matte without stretching it like normal bar soaps do :)

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