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These are the fun Get-To-Know-Me posts that I have never gotten around doing so I thought why not for a change be open about my self and even get to know my readers here too. Thus, here I am enlightening you with 25 things about me that you may or mat not have known.

01. I am an extremely private person.
02. I was born on the same day my city's international airport was inaugurated. Haha!
03. I am through and through an introvert,
04. Like every introvert, I am a massive reader.
05. I hate horror movies.
06. I love creative writing.
07. I LOVE horses.
08. If I could have been born in any other era, it would be Victorian England.
09. I absolutely love theater.
10. I am an organisational freak and have a mild case of OCD.
11. I have a guitar that I do not know how to play.
12. I would have loved to be a pianist.
13. I have not watched television in years!
14. I have at least 7 stuff toys (teddy bears) on my bed at all times.
15. I am a crazy collector. From sea-shells to coins.
16. Baking is one of my stress release activities.
17. I can not stand lies and obscenity.
18. I am all for women empowerment and equality.
19. I believe in continuous learning.
20. I am extremely old school when it comes to boys.
21. I love bags, watches, shoes and rings.
22. I had a pet Kestrel but he flew about 2 years back and I still miss him.
23. I love languages and am currently learning Mandarin and Arabic.
24. I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S non-stop.
25. I am a living, life-sized oxymoron.

Phew. These were so difficult to think for. Pretty sure I will be thinking of interesting ones after I have published this post. I know most of these are absolutely crazy but hey, that is how I am. There, now you know em a little better. Hope you enjoyed this different than usual tags post.

Would you like me to do more of these? Better yet, ask me anything you would like! 

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