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The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream

Today I am discussing this marvel of a product that I 'gift-ly' discovered. A while ago whilst my mum's aunt was visiting us from Canada she brought was a few presents. And in the glorious few items was this gem. The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream. We all generally tend to ignore our hands and given they do all the work, get washed every now and then, they tend to loose natural oils and moisture.

The packaging is a beautiful silver metallic aluminium and red with squeezable tube. As soon as I opened it, the one thing I noticed was the strong smell of roses. You only need a pea-sized amount of product or even less for a one time use. The strong rose fragrance stays on a quite a long while and for some who might be sensitive and/or if you are not particularly a fan of this kind of fragrance you would not like it.

The Wild Rose Hand Cream on the other hand itself is creamy, obviously, blends and sinks in the skin very gently. It stays on for hours which is one of the best things. But to top that I saw an exponential difference after using this for quite some time. To give you some background, I studied in a open area university with extreme sunlight burnt tanning us, and this really helped in toning and cutting that down. Also, I noticed how this firmed my hands a bit and loved that. The fragrance seemed to become more subtle and one I became a fan of too.

All in all, if you are looking for hand creams I would definitely suggest you check The Body Shop out and give this a sniff or even a cheeky tester try. One thing that tells you like no other if us bloggers are really in love with a product and genuinely vouch for it is if we buy it again and yes as soon as I am done with this, I am heading to The Body Shop!

In Pakistan, you can buy this from shops across the country or order from any facebook pages.
*This product was a gift but that in no way affects my opinions. Read my full disclosure

Have your ever tried and The Bodu Shop products? Which one is your favorite? Or if you have other hand creams recommendations that you swear by, comment them down below!.  

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