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This year Pizza Hut, one of my all time favorite Pizza places on Earth brought in a new Pizza type. Being the foodie I am, I desperately wanted to get on with trying the Doritos Pizza, as it were called. The marketing and digital campaign on this was manic and I was flooded in with the ads adding to my curiosity all over my social media. One fine day, I was reached out to and invited to the launch of the all-new Doritos Pizza. Sadly, despite all efforts I wasn't able to make it. Why the whole story might you ask? Well, the event pictures, the reviews, the social media exchanges on how good everything was had me drooling and salivating.  

Thus when their campaign marketing officer reached out to me for personal crunch party experience I immediately said yes! Pizza at home in my pj's, was not going to give up on that. Long story, short, only a few hours later the big box had arrived. It was not without glitches though. I was made to wait extra long due to technical issues - being that the oven at the hut was not really working, how does that even happen? Anyways, I had my food, all was good.

I gathered my family around to share in the meal with me. The first thing off we all noticed was how weird the shape of the Pizza was. You know how they say, you eat through your eyes first? Suffice to say, we did not really like what we saw. The dough seemed stale for some reason or when you have Pizza in your fridge for two days. It seemed nothing like what was advertised. But hey, it's Pizza, how bad can it be, right? So we took to our plates one slice each. Skeptical of the taste of Dorritos which were half burnt on the sides by the way, I took them off my slice.  Let me enjoy the Chikken Fajita as it is.

Let us talk about the taste, hmph *deep sigh*. You know where this is going. I am not really someone to talk bad about a product but being a Pizza Hut loyalist for over the years I was extremely disappointed. There was no taste to begin with so I can not really say much. It was bland in an understatement. The dough as I mentioned felt like 'baasi thandi naan' that none of us could chew. Cheese was minimum in amount. To really put it in simple words, it really was a bad quality Pizza with less toppings on the sides where they stuck the Doritos chips and nothing else. Thinking about it leaves a bland doughy taste in my mouth. My family is never getting excited with my "I-am-treating-you-guys-today" again.

Pizza Hut has been lately churning out new variants and has been spending heavily on their campaigns (Cheesy Party after this), where as that is always a delight but in all honesty would serve them better if they moved their focus to the product itself. Sadly, after this trial I shifted from Pizza Hut loyalist to looking for other great Pizza joints around town. 

*The Pizza was a PR delivery, all opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way. Read full disclaimer here. 

Were you a part of #CrunchParty by Pizza Hut? Share your experience down below!
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