This blog A Girl's Fancies was started one fine day on a semester break out of boredom and an itch of sharing. The blog is in constant evolving and is now turning to be a hub of everything eastern Fashion, Beauty news from all over the world along with product swatches and reviews, lifestyle from food to movies and music with personal favorites every month (from now on!).


Q1. Who are you?
A1. For your satisfaction, I have added the "About: Editor" part down below. If that doesn't answer the mystery, come say hello on my email: dazzlinsana@gmail.com anytime.

Q2. Why that dreadful e-mail ID?
A2. Glad, you thought of it! I do too! Well, you know when you are 12...

Q3. What fancy camera do you use?
A3. None. Just my mobile phone camera (currently: Samsung Galaxy Note 3) AND a Sony Single Shot camera. One day, I will definitely move on to a fancy DSLR, then we will talk about it. Right now, this question just pains me.

Q4. How do you edit your pictures?
A4. I generally use Pixlr's desktop version but I am desperately looking for upping my blog photos and edit game. 


The name is Sana Shahid. Is a 19 years of age now a 23 year old, living in Karachi, Pakistan.
Or rather a girl who sits behind a laptop browses and lusts over fashion items and beauty products, runs into her almost non-existent wardrobe trying to put pieces together and fantasize being the IT girl. Okay, not really the last bit. Sharing it all with you so that you can too come for a hang-out.

General tid-bits:

Age: 20 something
Ethnicity: Asian
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Silky, Straight
Skin Color: Burnt thanks to the sun!
Skin Type: Combination
Undertones: Cold

Note: By no means am I an expert on anything fashion, beauty or cupcakes. I am but only a broke consumer, sharing 100% honest views.

If you would like to ask anything else or want to have a chat, pop by my social media!

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About me

A Girls's Fancies is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. Written and edited by otherwise quite girl named Sana. Here you will find reviews, swatches, hauls, wishlists, trend files, how-to's and everything you need to get your week sorted.


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