Welcome! We at A Girl's Fancies have strict and detailed policies for advertising and PR and are serious about the business side of the blog. Down below we have categorized  the type(s) of relevant organisations/individuals we do cater. 


If you are a brand and/or a company (representative) and are interested in advertising on the blog, we now offer various packages. Our packages vary from blog-only advertising to various mixes of social media shout-outs, product reviews (read disclaimer



From now on advertising for you all bloggers is available on A Girl's Fancies. Please read the details down below:

All and any one of you interested in advertising your blog is welcome. The advert will run for a duration of full month. Your blog should be regarding anything related to Fashion, Beauty and/or Lifestyle and go with the theme of the blog. Your blog button* maybe of any shape but please make sure that the size is not too big(300*150 is preferred). 

*If you do not have a blog button yet and would like any sort of help in making one, feel free to ask, we would love to help you out!


If you have a Facebook page or any other small business that you fell doesn't belong to categories above, do not worry, you can also advertise on our blog.

We understand that not everyone is running huge businesses or even brick and mortar companies in this day and age and thus, we have separate plans for your needs. So if you are a local Facebook page and/or a small business, we welcome you too. 

If you are interested, please feel free to email me at dazzlinsana[at]gmail[dot]com


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